Entertainment Transactions & Litigation

We have expertise in distribution and licensing, revenue-sharing and rights acquisition; 

financing; royalty disputes; merchandising; film/TV production agreements; option and 

purchase agreements; IP clearance; brand integration; synchronization, performance, master 

use and mechanical licenses; publishing agreements; international music concert agreements 

and sale/assignment of copyrights for a variety of projects in new media, commercial, film 

and television.


• We also have handled a multitude of disputes relating to the motion picture business, 

including, without limitation, rights acquisitions, talent royalties and engagement, 

motion picture production, exploitation and distribution, patent, copyright and 

trademark disputes, editing rights, distribution rights, and all sorts of film and 

television production disputes.

• We have represented performers, composers and songwriters and music publishers 

in copyright, royalty and other litigation arising out of the exploitation of sound 

recordings and musical compositions.

• We prosecute and defend intellectual property for our entertainment clients, 

including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, right of publicity, trade dress 

infringement and idea submission claims, and other intellectual property infringement 

concerns, intentional interference with contracts and invasion of privacy, rights 

acquisitions and royalties.

• We have also represented producers, directors and production companies in the 

negotiation and documentation of agreements to obtain literary rights, representation 

of authors and other owners of such rights in sale and licensing transactions and 

various areas of film production, serving as production counsel to a number of films.

• We support athletes at the professional, amateur, collegiate levels. We also represent 

professional sports franchises, sports marketing companies, and sports agents, and 

individuals and companies providing products and services in the industry.

• We support musicians, actors, comedians, models, and entertainers, to singers, 

songwriters, authors, artists, and filmmakers. 

• Representing sports and entertainment clients in litigation and arbitration matters to 

protect and enforce publicity rights, privacy rights, intellectual property rights, and 

contractual rights arising under performance agreements, endorsement agreements, 

royalty agreements, and other agreements.


Intellectual Property Transactions & Litigation

Experience in intellectual property matters ranging from patent, trademark 

and copyright clearance, prosecution, registration, enforcement to litigation, licensing, 

branding, and all other aspects of IP matters. 

Entertainment and intellectual property transactional and litigation. Entertainment rights management, acquisition and sale. Entertainment branding advice and consultation. International IP portfolio management. Outside general counsel.

We have special business partners in entertainment branding and social media consultants 

and similar business consultants to add monetary value to our clients “brands.” 

We manage and enforce IP rights all over the world, including, without limitation in Japan, 

China, Serbia, Croatia, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Middle East, 

Africa and others. 


We utilize our global contacts in the fields of franchising, branding and the like to provide 

more value to our existing clients. We view our relationship as a team effort and intend to 

help our clients grow your businesses, increase revenue and brand image and protect their IP 



• We manage IP portfolios for clients with over 200 trademark and copyright 

registrations worldwide. 

• We manage an IP portfolio for a client with hundreds of thousands of members 


• We manage IP rights from large entertainment companies to individual artists. 

• We have successfully argued and won derivative rights cases, copyright infringement 

cases, trademark infringement cases, preliminary injunctions, writs and rights of 


• We successfully handled defamation, rights of privacy, first amendment, and other IP 

issues for clients in litigation and quietly handled them to keep them out of the media. 

• We provide counsel to all of our IP clients regarding new media and brand 


• We handle business contracts, negotiations, financial strategies and creative business 

solutions for entertainment advertising and branding companies for their intended 

platforms and target markets. 

• We handle all IP and other legal needs – including labor disputes, all contracts, 

licensing, intellectual property and patent counseling, commercial and real estate 

agreements - for several entertainment production companies.

• We handle entertainment rights management, IP and licensing issues, deal structures 

and negotiations for several established producers with shows at major networks.

Business & Corporate Affairs

-Entertainment and intellectual property transactional and litigation.

-Entertainment rights management, acquisition and sale.

-Entertainment branding advice and consultation. 

-International IP portfolio management.

-Outside general counsel.

-We handle complex commercial litigation primarily for consumer goods and/or entertainment properties worldwide - locally in state and federal court and internationally (currently in Japan and Australia) including breach of distribution agreements, infringement and related contract and tort claims.


-Expertise in complex commercial litigation matters ranging from >$2-100+ million 

at issue. Some examples of these cases involved entertainment rights, contracts, new media, 

IP, securities fraud and film finance disputes; various torts, antitrust and unfair competition, 

partnership and employment disputes. 

Success Stories:

• resolved large malpractice case defending a law firm against malicious prosecution 

and abuse of process claims

• resolved multi-million dollar copyright case over rights to a scripted television series; 

• resolved numerous trademark, trade dress, patent and copyright disputes for famous 

brands in the sports, entertainment and consumer products industries; 

• resolved naming rights dispute for famous musical group; 

• resolved multi-million dollar distribution agreement dispute (Spain/US) in Spain; 

• resolved multi-million dollar hotel/land dispute in Mexico;’ 

• resolved trademark and trade dress claims in Japan

• resolved IP infringement case in Eastern Europe

• National Defense Win of the Year 2006 – member of trial team for IBM in highly 

publicized toxic tort case in Northern California. Six month trial. 12-1 defense win.

We handle many general business matters, such as creating and revising operating 

agreements, setting up corporate entities, partnership restructuring and joint ventures, 

finance issues and raising capital, and working with tax counsel on royalty issues, as well as 

FCC and FTC analysis for int’l distribution of consumer products.



Sample Representative Clients